Live Dates

10 AugustFestival aux Champs, ChanteixTickets
16 AugustBelgrade Beer Festival, BelgradeFREE GIG!
28 AugustEstival de Trelaze, TrelazeFREE GIG!
23 SeptLooe Music Festival, CornwallTickets
16 OctBarby Club, Tel AvivTickets



1. Name the band’s third studio album
2. What was the number plate of Jet’s ice cream van?

3. What was the catalogue number of the UK Peaches single?
4. What was the full date of the band’s Albert Hall gig?
5. What was Hugh’s prison number whilst he was in Pentonvile?
6. What was the date of the band’s Front Row Festival gig at the Hope and Anchor?
7. How many tracks are there on the Raven LP?
8. How many gigs were there on the Coup De Grace UK tour in 1998?

Solo stuff
9. In the Euroman track Euromess, who burnt a torch against the Warsaw Pact?
10. On Nosferatu, Ian Dury appeared as a fairground barker under which name?
11. Fire & Water was the soundtrack for a film. What was the film called?
12. Name the cage fighting film that JJ & Baz added a soundtrack to
13. The JJ track Un Jour Parfait came from an unreleased Stranglers song. Name it
14. Name the studios where the first three albums were recorded
15. What is Jet’s real name? (John Robb’s question)
16. What different coloured vinyls was the Purple Helmets’ Ride Again album released on?

17. In which country was the first gig featuring the Mark II line up with Paul & John?
18. Name the venue where the Stranglers first met the Finchley Boys
19. Which countrydid the band visit twice in 1979 for tours?
20. In which country was Hugh’s penultimate gig with the band?
21. Where is the Hugin Longship located?
22 The band had a run in with the Raggare in which Swedish town in 1977?

Cover Versions
23. Name the heavy metal band who recorded a dodgy version of Nice & Sleazy
24. Who recorded the original version of 96 Tears?
25. Which Stranglers song did Tori Amos cover
26. Name the writing partnership responsible for Walk On By
27. Which Stranglers song did the Meteors cover?
28. Name the Elastica track with a distinct resemblance to No More Heroes

29. Hugh upset the GLC by wearing a ‘Ford’ tshirt at the Rainbow. Which band were they supporting?
30. At which venue did the band first support Patti Smith?
31. Name the landlord of the Hope and Anchor namechecked on Bitching
32. Name the jazz musician who inspired the lyrics to Ain’t Nothin To It
33. Where was Paul Roberts’ first London gig with the band?
34. The band played 3 gigs in a row at Hammersmith Odeon in 1987. What were the dates?

35. Name the string section who appeared at the Albert Hall gig
36. The video for 5 Minutes shows that the song last for exactly 5 minutes. In reality, how long is it?
37. Pam & Dave Greenfield used to keep pet rats. What did they name them after?
38. Who took the cover photo for Black and White?
39. In which country was the ‘Australian Outback’ location for the Nuclear Device video?
40. Using Japanese characters, write the band’s name

Tie Breakers (Unused)
1. From Left to right, name the sequence of band members on the cover of the Duchess single
2. The band played one solitary gig in a year. What year and where was the gig?
3. Name the company who provided the fireworks that blew up Wembley Stadium for the band’s ’79 Who support
4. Name the brass section on the 10 tour
5 Name the prison in Nice that the band were incarcerated in

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